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5 Fictions about slot games

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Read the five most popular fictions about agen slot online games. See some of the worst misconceptions about the slot games and how they affect your gambling results.

In our opinion, the slot is the clearest game to understand, learn and practice in today’s gambling world. A lot of players from all over the world have started their successful casino career with agen slot online performance. But what is still weird to us is the fact that slots are yet cracked with plenty of myths. No matter how easy it is to figure it out how to play a slot game, there are still things we believe in slots in vain, because they are total fictions and make our experience quite corrupted and not successful at all. To prove you what we are talking about we have made a list of five fictions regarding slot games. Check them out. See if any of these lies have confused you until this moment, too:

  1. All the slot club card is made for is to spy you in order to prevent you from winning. One way or another, the slot club card is made to spy on you. However, the reason for this trace is different. The casinos collect data for your activity in the sake of their marketing campaign. It is important for the gambling companies to know what to offer to each personal customer and the activity in the club card is a great source for such information.
  2. If you play slot games at night you have less chances to win rather than if you practice your favorite hobby in the early morning hours. We have a question regarding this fiction – according to which time zone we can claim such a statement? Because if you play slot games at night and you are in Europe, the Australian slot lovers seem to have more chances to win at the same slots you have selected, right?
  3. The speed of the spin in an offline slot machine activity is what determines how much you will earn. The speed has nothing to do with your odds for a win. Actually, the speed and the way you spin the slot machine refer to the factor of the luck in the activity with physical slot machines. Even if you start spinning the slot faster, there’s no guarantee you will become richer faster.
  4. If you have a slot club card, you get lower house edge. The club card, except for being a marketing tool for the casino companies, offers you many extras, but the deduction of the house edge is not among them, because it is something no gambling house is allowed to change on the go and just like that per each individual customer.
  5. The first slot machine you select in a ground casino is always the wining one and you should never step off it until you win. The myth “I am due to a win” is something that has put thousands of slot players in a catastrophic loss at the end of the day. However, many gamblers still believe that there’s a connection between the duration of your play at a certain slot machine and your wins.

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