Future Of Slot Machines

Future Of Slot Machines: 4 Trends You Need To Acknowledge

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Slot machines are witnessing a rapid change with 4D slot machines’ inclusion to introduce AR and VR technologies. These designer trends are making them future-based.

The Global Slots Machine market report states the top casino slot companies account for 70% of the revenue market. North America occupies 41.56% of the slot market, with Europe occupying 19.52% and Japan 9.21%. It means recent technological up-gradation and investments are changing the face of the slot machines market.

Even a few slot machines casino providers are including AR and VR to make the experience immersive. Like, the joker123 gaming casino has a modern and innovative live dealer casino. The features like a power play, big gaming casino, etc. attract the players. Even the immersive themes used by the casino make it a one-of-its-kind casino gaming provider. Let us now see a few future modern slot machines trends in 2020.

Introduction of 4D Slot Machines

3D slot machines have already made the casino experience intriguing, but the 4D slot machines will rule the future casino world. 4D slots include 3D images with an additional ability to feel the floating ‘graphics’ or the chair’s rumbling. You can feel the energy of 4D entering your fingers while you operate the slot. A few 4D titles present in the market include Wheel of Fortune, Ocean Magic, Jumanji, Sphinx, and Ghostbusters from the IGT gaming provider.

Inclusion of Virtual Reality Slots

The players can witness the things right in front of them when they wear the VR gears. It seems like the things from the slot are all-around you. NetEnt is the first online gaming developer to provide an immersive and amazing VR slot for the players. The gaming provider in the VR mode released its classic game Gonzo’s Quest. VR-based slot machine games are slowly becoming a reality, and we can see them both in traditional and online casinos.

Bigger and Better High Definition Slot Machines

This is what the pop culture-based future of slot machines will look like. In the coming years, you can play the games on the bigger and better version of the slot machines than previous ones. The cabinets will be made more prominent with HD images to attract the players. The glamorous icons will be put in place to make the gaming experience intriguing. Even the slot machines will be made louder too to give the stunning music effect.

Artificial Intelligence for Slot Machine Games

AI has already made its place in the slot games sector, as a few gaming providers are already opting for AI-based games. The future of slot machines is changing with AI being used rapidly. The players may soon experience real-time gaming and realistic characters with whom they can talk. To make the gambling experience excellent, the players will receive personalized bonuses to help them win at the games.

Slot machine games are going through a drastic change in modern times because of innovative games. The use of 4D slots, VR, AR, AI, etc. will make the slot machine gaming experience great and intriguing. Even the use of multiple screen games can also be seen shortly.

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