Impacts of Gambling and how it can destroy the mental strength

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Most of the people think that Gambling is a game of luck and chances. However, if you look deep into it then you realize if it is not a game of chance and every teenager will slip into it once in his or her life. When this question asked by the students of psychology that why it happens then they answered that probably because of the greediness and pleasure of money.

Actually, this is not a perfect reason because psychologist was also confused about it as for some people it is not for enjoyment and they treat it as the primary source of income. In many researches, it is found that these games are designed in such a way that the person who is playing these games can actually get amazed and never get back from the trap of gambling. Along with it, the strategy also supports the casino players and also works against the gamblers and makes their situations even more badly. 

Whole Process

In the whole trap of gambling, the thing that works first is the money that a player gets after playing the game. It does not matter how much the amount of the winning was bit the thing that matters is that it will give the player believe that her can make a lot of money from these tricks. The things that will be affected by gambling is a hormone in the human mind known as Dopamine.

This hormone usually secretes when the human body got relaxed like after eating or after having sexual activities. The same thing happens when the player gets the amount that he does not even think of. According to the scientist, dopamine is the only reason for encouraging the user to play higher bids and earn higher money.

Along with that, it will also ensure that the player did not leave such things and stick to them for more relaxation. One of the major effects of dopamine is that it will increase the risk-taking personality in a person who means this hormone completely work against for the gambling players and never give them the chance to get back on a right track.


With the final words, we conclude that in this article he has discussed about the impacts that gambling does on our mind and makes the situation worse. So stay away from these things and try to choose the right was to earn.

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