March 2021


Did you know these online casino Malaysia wrong approaches and ides? Find out some of the worst misconceptions in the sphere of online gambling that are still alive and out there among the audience.

Some myths and misconceptions about casino industry are older than some of the top played games these days. Since a long time people tend to tell stories about gambling companies and players whether to spice up their activity or to excuse their own mistakes and failures. In all cases, leaning on such misconceptions must be a huge mistake in your overall attitude towards the industry or even worse – an obstacle to build up a reliable strategy.

This is why it is high time for us to speak up and eliminate from your minds the following really risky and dangerous misconceptions about casino. Please, keep reading below. And let everything you read there to get away from head afterwards:

  • Casinos never pay out everything you win. No, they will pay what they have promised you. The idea is you to check out what you will actually receive before you win it. Many gamblers with official registration in online casino Malaysia, though, will receive most of the income as the taxes here are very low. In Canada, meanwhile, you are not charged with any government fees at all.
  • Online casinos don’t care about you, they just need your money. If this was so today’s global responsible gambling policy adopted by all of the casinos nowadays wouldn’t have existed. Moreover, why bothering giving you a 24/7 access to the casino’s customer support service? And why the heck, then, the operators write for you blog posts every day, including with tips and tricks on your activity?
  • If you are a casino card game player and you play the cards, prepare for the jail soon. First of all, you must do something really terrible in a casino to be imprisoned. Second of all, absolutely nobody forbids you to count the cards whether in Blackjack where it’s really profitable or in other card game type. The point here is whether you have the talent to do so, because if you don’t the slow and wrong attempts of yours cost you money.
  • All bonuses are great and you should take them all. Not at all. There are so terrible promo offers that you shouldn’t even read their terms and conditions till the end to get to know them. Actually, with the wagering requirement you will immediately get an idea how good or bad a bonus in a casino is. Of course, always consider the balance between these requirements and the bonus amount. Some bonus amounts deserve more complicated conditions for the players to meet.

We hope you will never think about these things any more. They are just wrong. And you shouldn’t worry at all about these statements.

Many people in online casinos make real money because they have concrete skills and features. See what they are and be like them – rich and successful.

To be a gambler is not an easy thing. You might have played a couple of slots and participated in one poker tournament, but this is neither rich enough experience, nor an evidence to say you are a real gambler. Real gamblers have specific characteristics. Real gamblers progress and advance in the sake of being better and better. But mostly, really good gamblers are similar for having several very important, common, but significant soft skills. Check them out below:

  • People in online casinos make real money mainly because they value money. They are reasonable, when it comes to financial calculations and budget management. This is how the real gambler actually distinguishes from the one risk-taker who just want to have some fun in a casino whether an online or an offline.
  • These people are super patient. They know that success is not something that comes just like that. You need to work hard for it. But you also need to be ready to wait. There are games that literally require from you to repeat the same thing over and over again until the huge win comes – for example, slot games with max betting system or Baccarat.
  • Gamblers are also smart. Even if it comes to games of chance it is a mast to think fast and reasonably when you play. The way you will react on the victory or the loss is also a way to show whether you are smart or no. Only really clever people know that loss happens and the best thing to deal with it is by taking the necessary lessons of it.
  • Gamblers are definitely open-minded. You should be always ready to improvise, but you should also know where’s the line between the good and the bad risk in such an initiative. Testing new strategies and tactics is something that every real money player should do in the sake of success and the progress.
  • Speaking of which, gamblers are also hungry for new knowledge. They read a lot and they never stop progressing in their practice. No matter how better you feel you are in Blackjack or roulette today and in comparison than yesterday, don’t stop becoming better and better. If you stop, don’t expect more wins to be credited to your experience.
  • And experience is everything. We don’t mean to play all day long or never to have some pauses and breaks from gambling. Actually, they might be very useful to have some rest and clear your mind. We mean that you need to reconcile your moves to the concrete level of experience you have reached.

If you have at least half of these soft skills then you definitely have future as a gambler. If you don’t, make sure not to get upset, but instead work harder on developing then.