September 2020


Here are some questions that should be always in your head if you love online football betting. Answer these questions and then you can finely and safely place your bets.

Every single football bet is a result of lots of decisions we should take. All of these decisions require our full concentration, decent knowledge in the field and of course, analytic skills. If by any chance you place bets that are not considered wisely you might have some luck in the beginning (once again, by chance), but it would be very soon for you to reach the moment when you will be out of money for gambling at all.

In order to be sure that every bet of yours is reasonable and profitable (with minimum risk, because there’s no way to eliminate it at all), don’t stop reading this material. We will provide you a whole list of some of the most significant questions to ask before you place a concrete football bet. Let’s get started.

Am I 100% sure that this bet should cost me that much/little? – Because the stake amount is crucial. Please, avoid placing bets at smaller amounts than your regular bets just because you are not sure about your prediction. No matter how much you reduce your bet cost if there’s a big chance to lose, why losing anything at all?

Is this the best odd I can find for this football match? – There are plenty of online football betting platform and registering in the first one Google offers you is not the best thing to do. And we mainly claim this with the odds in mind. See, the different bookmakers (whether offline or online, including those with physical shops and online platforms) have different odds. Your task is not to discover the bookmaker with the most modern design and the biggest bonuses, but the one with the most profitable odds.

Is there an option for cash out? – Many bookmakers nowadays provide this feature for a big majority of their bets. However, not all of the bets make you eligible to cash out if you are in an online football betting platform with such an option. There’s usually an icon that indicates you whether you can or cannot cash back.

What’s best for me – place a live or a pre-match bet on this event? – Some punters might even think that it is ok to place both of the bets. However, there’s no certain answer to this question. The idea is to orient in the concrete situation. If there’s a certain favorite in the game, the live bet is the better option as the market movement is going to be bigger during the playing time, which means you can easily minimize the risk. If it’s about a match that seems as a draw, pre-match bets are better as they give you a chance to win despite of the extra playing time with a concrete final winner.

Check out some things you should stop doing in Omaha poker online format. See how to improve your Omaha activity in the internet.

There are two typical things about poker online players who choose Omaha format – they are very enthusiastic in playing this real money card game and they usually think it is like Texas Hold Em with few differences. We do appreciate your enthusiasm, but we also believe that the fact that you mistake Omaha with Texas Hold Em poker online might cost you a lot.

If you are lucky enough not to lose a lot of money for such a misconception to rely on, then you might definitely become in a trap of any – or all – of these fatal Omaha poker mistakes:

  1. Playing too tight. In Texas Hold Em poker it might be indeed better to remain tight and aggressive. However, being so scared and sticking to the tight tactic is definitely not ok for the Omaha players. In this poker format, it is a must to play your best hands in the best way you can.
  2. Suited cards should not be overestimated, while the Aces in a combo of two are great to make a call. The suited cards are indeed better than having two not suited cards. Hence, they don’t matter that much in Omaha poker online format. Instead, rely on the Aces more, which are enough to be in a pair to make a call right away.
  3. Bluffing all the way long. Bluffing is a good skill in poker playing. If you can do it and you do it well enough, we strongly recommend you not to give up on this strategy. But in Omaha bluffing should not exceed the standard combo of total numbers of falls and calls. In Omaha, bluffing works, but quite less often than in the other poker formats.
  4. Acting the same way in Hi and Hi Lo Omaha poker online tables. There must be a solid distinguish between these two different versions of the classical Omaha format. Our recommendation is to remain tighter in Hi Lo, because there are so many other draws to be made in this specific poker game type.
  5. Drawing too much is also not ok in Omaha poker. Here, there’s no difference whether you are playing Hi or Hi Lo Omaha. In both cases, drawing should be limited. Indeed, there are draws that are good enough to give you some advantage, but this is not the common case you can rely with each next session.
  6. Not considering the fact that Omaha is a total nut game. As to drawing we have mentioned about, it is a must to understand that in Omaha poker format it is all about drawing the nut. If you follow this tactic without even complicating it (or advancing) you will quickly turn from a beginner into a real average Omaha poker player.

Never spoil you Omaha game with these stupid mistakes. Remember them well and avoid them on mandatory.