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If you can write and read, then you are good to go. Just keep in mind that no one will show you how to get there. You will have to figure it out by yourself, so, go figure. Every woman needs a statement piece of clothing in her 50s. Whether you choose a fabulous little […]

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Thus emerged a canine market of sorts. The Romans began to import British fighting dogs for use not only in times of war, but also for public amusement. In Rome’s Colosseum, large audiences would gather to watch gladiator dogs pitted against other animals, such as wild elephants. What they didn’t tell Mr. And Mrs. Crowe, […]

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It only when you stand next to a MiG 25 and there are several spending their retirement parked on the grass at some of Russia military museums that you can fully appreciate just what a task it was. The MiG 25 is enormous. At 64ft (19.5m) long, it only a few feet shorter than a […]

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A serious dog trainer should also not be stepping on boundaries designated for other professionals. For instance, a dog trainer should not be making recommendations on how to treat an ear infection and cannot prescribe drugs to use to calm an anxious dogs. This advice must be left to other professionals such as veterinarians and […]

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On August 26th, the Concert Band will present music made famous by super heroes.The West Point Band will close its Music Under the Stars season with the annual 1812 Overture Concert, with fireworks and cannon. With a rain date of September 3rd.”It was really amazing,” gushed 10 year old Maddie Whittemore, from Lakewood Ranch, Fla.”I […]

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For diabetics in particular, it is critical to get adequate sleep to prevent a spike in stress hormones, which release stored glucose in a fight or flight response. You might wake up to high blood sugar even if you had a healthy dinner the night before. Sleep also improves our natural ability to fight off […]

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Share prices of Bharti Airtel and Idea Cellular fell sharply today after Reliance Jio Infocomm unveiled a new post paid plan. Jio, the telecom arm of Reliance Industries, introduced an unlimited domestic post paid plan for Rs 199 and international calling starting at 50 paise per minute, starting 15 May. Under the Jio’s post paid […]

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“I don’t have a crystal ball but that is probably unlikely,” Stribling said. “We’re looking for people who are going to be connected to our brand. We’re looking at them from a big picture standpoint. Because the reason why I went to Australia was to find out where my body was at. In practice I […]

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This is not to say that the reporter is out to get you, or deliberately trying to undermine you. It’s your responsibility to know exactly what your main points are and to stick to those points. If you only have three points, and you keep coming back to them, it’s going to be hard for […]

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In my own experience with academic suspension, coming back from it, you need to find motivation in 2 things. First, realize how disappointed you were that you let yourself get suspended and make sure you never feel that feeling again. Second, find something you desire or crave. Yes, it’s important to move people towards a […]