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According to the business daily Il Sole, the improvement work involved two weight bearing columns that support the bridge including one that collapsed Tuesday.The 1967 bridge, considered innovative in its time for its use of concrete around its cables, was long due for an upgrade, especially since the structure was more heavily trafficked than its designers had envisioned.One expert in such construction, Antonio Brencich at the University of Genoa, had previously called the bridge failure of engineering. Experts, noting that the bridge was 51 years old, said corrosion and decades of wear and tear from weather could have been factors in its collapse.The Italian CNR civil engineering society said structures dating from when the Morandi Bridge was built had surpassed their lifespan. It called for an ambitious comprehensive plan to repair or replace tens of thousands of Italian bridges and viaducts built in the 1950s and 1960s, during the Italian economy rapid growth as the nation surged back after the damage of World War II.Mehdi Kashani, an associate professor in structural mechanics at the University of Southampton in Britain, said pressure from loads, such as heavy traffic or strong winds, could have resulted in damage in the bridge parts.Italian politicians, for their part, were busy pointing fingers at possible culprits.Italy deputy premier, Luigi Di Maio, blamed the bridge collapse on a lack of maintenance by the private company that operates many of the nation toll highways.

This photo provided by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation shows Snoopy and Charlie Brown from Charles Schulz’s timeless “Peanuts” comic strip in their big screen debut in a CG animated feature film in 3D, “The Peanuts Movie.” Millions of unique Peanuts characters have been created since the “Peanutize Me” app launched last month. Fox plans to update the site this week with Halloween themed content to continue building buzz for the film’s Nov. 6, 2015 release.

I continue to be baffled by those who cut off possibilities with a semantic twist. “Cold call, warm call,” it’s simply a state of mind. Your mind. A bigger one is the bad blood that gets created. That might be fun for those of us out here in the cheap seats but it seems real enough. Check out the short list of just 9 offer sheets which have been signed in the last 20 years:1998: Detroit Sergei Fedorov OS by Carolina.

I do remember doing some “time trials” on the track and was able to clock a 6:40 mile and 90 second 400. In general, I didn’t wear a heart rate monitor and trusted myself not to workout to the point where I had difficulty having a conversation. I am sure my heart rate went over the prescribed 140 bpm, but not to the point that I was fighting with the fetus for oxygen.

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