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Not only is the keyboard full size the keys are spaced so to make typing easier regardless of the size of your hands. All ordinary keys are included (83 keys) as well as some special shortcut keys geared to access Galaxy Tab Tablet features such as the screen brightness, music, Internet or Home. The Galaxy Tab Full Size Keyboard Dock weighs about 2 pounds.

CALGARY Shareholders are pushing Canada dominant oilsands player to provide more detail on two sticky topics: its plans to thrive under tougher climate policy and its political lobbying.Separate shareholder proposals have been filed ahead of Suncor Energy annual general meeting next month with one greeted much more warmly than the other by the company.The board of Calgary based Suncor is recommending shareholders vote in favour of NEI Investments resolution that the company ongoing reporting on how it is assessing, and ensuring, long term corporate resilience in a future low carbon economy a move viewed as unusual.However, the company is pushing back against a proposal by another group of shareholders co ordinated by Sum Of Us, an organization that campaigns for corporate accountability. That one urges Suncor to report annually on its lobbying policies and procedures, the amount it paying and to whom, and its decision making process and oversight.NEI decided to target Suncor on the climate proposal for a simple reason, said Jamie Bonham, who led the effort.Canada’s biggest oil producers are sitting on a near record pile of cash amid price routSuncor Energy Inc gets enough support to close its Canadian Oil Sands Ltd acquisitionthought Suncor was the most ready for it, he said, adding that the oil company support is unprecedented in North America.Suncor CEO Steve Williams has stumped for tougher carbon pricing and was one of four energy bosses to stand alongside Alberta Premier Rachel Notley last November when she unveiled the province new sweeping climate plan, which includes a $30 a tonne carbon tax in 2018.Bonham said while Suncor has been a leader on the issue, still a big question mark as to how such a big oilsands player is going to thrive in a low carbon future. Proposals around climate risk have been endorsed by some European energy majors.

Obama, heeding calls from many to take greater responsibility in light of the worsening crisis, raised resettlement quotas from 70,000 people in the 2015 fiscal year to 85,000 in 2016. He also pledged to award at least 10,000 of the 2016 slots for Syrians. Obama proposed admitting 110,000 refugees in the 2017 fiscal year; Trump’s order cuts that by more than half..

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